Moros Scrap Shear H-P

Combining performance, reliability and productivity, the H-P duty scrap shears use side compression and an adjustable angle system to compress bulky scrap that no other shear on the market can process.

The precompression lateral block with angle adjustable system is extremely effective for precompression of heavy, bulky scrap. All these advantages result in increased production rates. The latest
trends in hydraulics and electronics allow the efficient use of power resources, making the H-P range in a very profitable machine per scrap ton produced.

Reinforced structure

After years of production, the H-P is now established in the market as shining example of the technical innovation and sturdy structural construction for which MOROS is so well known. All areas coming into contact with scrap are protected by interchangeable high strength steel wear plates.

Technical innovations

The exclusive MOROS system stops scrap jamming at the side of the box when the angle-adjustable block is turned. This reduces unscheduled stops and allows the block to be set to maximum. The H-P models also include state of the art filtering technologies, positioning cylinder control, double hydraulic circuits and system control technologies.

The closed casting guillotine reinforces its structure and allows putting a tray in the scrap exit. Extended V-shaped prismatic guide ways, adjustable and automatically greased to reduce wearing and increase cutting accuracy. Moros H-P Scrap Shear
The H-P lets you work in parallel or angular mode. With the powerful side compression block in the parallel position and the compression lid half closed, the scrap in the box is compressed as far as possible. By selecting the angle adjustable mode the full compression force is exerted at one end of the piece of scrap providing immense crushing power. Moros H-P Scrap Shear
Changing the angled force to the opposite end of the piece will practically eliminate any resistance, thereby fully compressing the material. Moros H-P Scrap Shear
The lid is then closed, compressing the scrap downward beyond the final closed position of the lid. The side compression block is fully extended and the lid is completely closed. The log is now ready to be fed to the shear head. Moros H-P Scrap Shear


Technical information: 
Cutting forces (Tons)900 / 1,100 / 1,400 / 1,750
Loading boxes (Meters)6 / 8 / 10
Blade widths (mm)800 / 1,000 / 1,500
Engine power2 to 8 units 125HP
Available optionsLoading hopper, conveyor, antivibratory systems