Moros Scrap Shear H-B

Offering maximum versatility, the Moros H-B range is the latest development in the MOROS lateral precompression shear range.

The Moros H-B range of scrap shears includes many innovations in design, hydraulics and electronics, making it a very effective and productive machine with low maintenance costs.

Key features

  • High speed due to innovative hydraulics (such as simultaneous movements in all cylinders).
  • Compact hydraulic group with submerged pumps.
  • All areas coming into contact with scrap are protected by interchangeable high strength steel wear plates.
  • Every part in contact with another is machined to ensure a perfect fit
  • All cylinders can be dismantled for easy maintenance
  • The closed guillotine structure increases head strength and permits a tray in the scrap outlet
  • It includes a hydraulic system to tighten the blades enables quick blade replacement.
  • Brand new design to reduce overall height for easy scrap loading
  • Automatic greasing in head and hinges. Also included in the precompression box.
  • Models with a large loading/precompression box include a torsional cylinder to reduce the wear of the lateral block wear plates.
  • Different options:
    • Container to protect the hydraulic and electric group
    • extended length of the precompression lid including loading hopper
    • conveyor belt in the scrap outlet
    • antivibratory system
    • comprehensive enclosure
Technical information: 
Cutting forces (Tons)700 / 900 / 1,100 / 1,400
Loading boxes (Meters)6 / 8 / 10
Blade widths (mm)600 / 800 / 1,000
Engine power2 to 6 units 125HP