Moros Scrap Shear H-A

The versatile H-A range of stationary wing shears are well known for their durable reinforced structure and ability to work with almost every material.

The  H-A  range  of scrap shears incorporates  new  advantages  in  mechanical  design, hydraulics and electronics to achieve cutting speeds and efficiency levels never seen before in this kind of equipment.

Exclusive MOROS precompression wing design

Moros H-A Scrap Shear's unique wing design

If you are working with light scrap, the precompression box can be closed fast due to the mixed shape combining round and flat in one wing. You can also work with heavy scrap, which a standard round wing could not do, thanks to the “inside corner” in one wing. Furthermore, the overcompression mode allows scrap to be compressed in the scrap in the precompression box.

Other features include:

  • Bigger loading box to work with car bodies and bulky scrap.
  • Efficient and fast hydraulics with simultaneous movements in all the cylinders.
  • Automatic greasing in the head. The H-shaped guillotine keeps overall height low to enable loading with medium cranes from both sides and removing the need to dismantle the head for transport.
  • Slotted guiding in the hold down
  • Different options:
    • Container to protect the hydraulic and electric group
    • loading hopper
    • conveyor belt,
    • antivibratory system
    • flat foundation
    • cold weather construction
    • cabin
Technical information: 
Cutting forces (Tons)550 / 700 / 900 / 1,100
Loading boxes (Meters)5 / 6 / 7
Blade widths (mm)800 / 1,000
Engine power1, 150HP, 125HP 2/3/4