Moros H-A-B Mobile Scrap Shear

With the same basic structural design and features of the stationary model (Moros H-A), this portable machine offers efficiency and high production.

This portable machine has the same structural design and features of the stationary Moros H-A Scrap Shear. It also inherits all the state of the art hydraulics and electronics that have made the H-A range a benchmark in the market for reliability and efficiency.

Exclusive MOROS precompression wing design

Moros H-A-B Mobile Scrap Shear's unique wing design

If you are working with light scrap, the precompression box can be closed fast due to the mixed shape combining round and flat in one wing. You can also work with heavy scrap, which a standard round wing could not do, thanks to the “inside corner” in one wing. Furthermore, the overcompression mode allows scrap to be compressed in the scrap in the precompression box.

Fast and efficient hydraulics

Hydraulic recirculation and combined movements of the cylinders (precise positioning control throughout the stroke) enables high efficiency and production rates.

Technical information: 
Cutting forces (Tons)550 / 630 / 900
Blade length (mm)5 / 5.5 / 6
Engine power (hp)300 / 400 / 530